Indigo is an experimental programming language that aims to be a friendly, functional and flexible.


Indigo has a number of convinience methods that make it easy to work with various data types out of the box


Indigo is built for functional programming. This allows developers to build consistent and beautiful code


Indigo provides several language features that aim to make working with data and structures easy and intuitive.

Pattern matching

Indigo provides pattern matching, which allows you to match on data structures and extract values from them easily


Indigo is still in its early stages, but it is being actively developed. Here are some of the features that are planned for the future:

  • More advanced type system (e.g refinement types)
  • Package manager/Build system
  • Compilation to native code

Do mind that Indigo is just a pet project by a passionate developer and it might never become anything of note. The purpose is more to explore the design space of programming languages and to learn about language design for me.